Books For Teenboys


Your son who enjoys gaming will undoubtedly love this book that provides a visual overview of popular titles, with trivia and fact boxes, advice from NBA athletes and college coaches on handling in-game stress and reaching peak performance, plus much more!

Teen boys often welcome being challenged, and books provide that opportunity. From fiction novels that provide escape into another world to inspiring tales about people overcoming hardship, books can provide teens with tools they need for growth – learning skills such as cooking or building robots!

Teen boys who enjoy tinkering and creating things will love this book for its step-by-step instructions and profiles of incredible scientists like Alfred Nobel, Robert Goddard, and Isaac Newton who were pioneers in making things themselves.

Zoella has become a go-to role model for teens worldwide thanks to her vlogs covering topics ranging from how to apply makeup and do your hair, becoming cool or dealing with stress. Now she has published her first nonfiction work updated for modern teens – providing advice when necessary! This book can serve as a valuable companion.