Candidteen Top Photography

Candidteen Top

Candidteen Top was a hidden camera show known by its name to represent its use of cameras in an unobtrusive manner. First aired as Candid Microphone on radio before transitioning into television as Candid Camera; both shows featured people being subjected to various practical jokes involving secret cameras, trick props, and other ingenious devices before telling victims “You’re on Candid Camera – just smile” before moving on with their lives.

Candidteen members typically spend most of their time relaxing by the pool and beach, though they also work hard in class, dance to cheesy music, and paint. While their behavior may appear childish at times, Candidteen portrays that these young ladies are close knit friends who protect each other – they firmly oppose anyone trying to hurt another member.

An effective candid photo captures people in the moment. However, to achieve maximum impactful photos you should remember a few points for optimal results. First of all, consider looking for people who appear unattended or distracted as this will allow them to act naturally in front of your camera without noticing you are present. Also experiment with different angles for unique shots; browse online candid photography galleries for inspiration! Finally give each photo an appropriate title to add more meaning – especially those not part of an event series!