Dropbox Links Teen Nudes Site

Authorities have taken swift action to shut down an online Dropbox teen nudes website which featured explicit photos and videos of teenage girls, according to police. They arrested a 16-year-old boy connected with this website which solicited sexually explicit material of both genders among teenage users – as reported by them, this collection consisted of photos shared among local teens themselves.

No matter your plan or subscription level, Dropbox makes sharing files and folders with anyone via link simple – even those who do not yet have an account with the service! Plus you can track when and how your files are viewed or downloaded! Customers on Professional, Standard, Advanced or Enterprise plans can further personalize sharing with branded links!

Sharing files or folders with edit access allows recipients to add it directly into their Dropbox accounts, while team admins can customize default link settings for their entire team.

Disabling downloads for specific files or folders can prevent users who receive your edit- or view-only links from adding the content to their Dropbox. To do so, hover over them and click the share icon (rectangle with an up arrow), before choosing either Link for Editing or Link for Viewing from the drop down list.

Once you’re done sharing, select when you would like the link to expire. Anyone using it prior to its expiry will get an error message; if they add it directly to their Dropbox, however, they’ll still retain access even after the link has gone away.