Exciting Teen Activities and Ideas


Excitingteens is an ongoing series that offers exciting ideas and activities designed to engage, educate, and entertain your teen. Ranging from thrilling heights experiences to virtual teen night events, this content can help your teens discover new interests while sparking their creativity.

Planned camping trips provide teens with an effective means of relaxing, taking advantage of nature and bonding with their peers while taking in new experiences. Hiking, making s’mores and telling tales around a campfire are all integral parts of this adventure; weather permitting, stargazing can also add another element of delight!

Experienced teens will appreciate attending live music shows of any kind – be it their favorite artist performing or an entire festival! Encourage them to keep an eye out for tour announcements and purchase tickets early if possible.

If your teenager is tech savvy or still learning the ropes, why not host a hackathon to put their knowledge of code to work creating something amazing and unique. They can compete against one another or team up with strangers while making new connections while having loads of fun?

Your teen may find great satisfaction in creating websites, apps and short digital films of their own design. If they haven’t done so already, consider enrolling them in a free online coding course which teaches basic coding languages like PHP.