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Prosecutors claim Sigler took advantage of his position as the girl’s former teacher to gain her trust and engage in sexual acts with her for several months, including bringing her to his house, giving her alcohol and pills, photographing sexual activities between the two of them, as well as sending hundreds of child porn images to friends and family members.

Chloe Bailey first began making waves as one half of a twin act as a teenager, before emerging as an individual performer and landing an Amazon series and solo music career. Additionally, her distinctive voice is becoming an invaluable contributor in conversations regarding race relations and Black women’s bodies.

Chloe and Rhiannon’s performance of Nina Simone’s classic song ‘Feeling Good’ on an ABC special has caused much discussion and even outright criticism, due to its bump and grind choreography reminiscent of black burlesque. What struck viewers most about their performance was the complete disregard shown towards black women’s body autonomy–an attitude still present today in society.