Exploited Teens Lauren

Exploited Teens Lauren

Exploited Teens Lauren is the author of “Love in the Dark,” in which she recounts her story of finding hope despite incredible obstacles, providing readers with tools they need to address abuse issues themselves.

This book delves deep into the emotional maze created by abusive relationships and shows how one person can have an immense positive effect on others and ultimately transform the world.

In September, Lauren meets Melvin Shawn Rowland at a bar where he’s working as a bouncer. They develop a romantic relationship and start visiting Lauren often at her dorm room. However, in October she discovers he is registered sex offender and decides to end their relationship. When confronting him in her dorm room he denies this information saying he is only 16 and that age difference doesn’t pose a problem for them both.

Rowland eventually becomes abusive towards Lauren and Lauren calls police to report him. Police advise her against getting a restraining order against him but Lauren doesn’t believe that physical violence will occur from Rowland and refuses.

On September 13, she is due to appear at Franklin County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court but doesn’t show. Friends attempt to contact her and call her mother without success; neither are successful in reaching her.

Police learned of Rowland and her teenage acquaintance through an alert from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, as reported on by Facebook posts by both organizations. Sheriff’s offices stated in their post that they are working alongside NCMEC to gather additional details regarding her case.