Gay Teen Snapchat Channel Launches

Snapchat has quickly become one of the world’s premier photo and video sharing apps with 238 million daily active users globally. Teenagers and college students have quickly adopted its disappearing messaging feature that allows them to communicate with friends by sending photos and videos that automatically expire after a short while. While popular among all age groups, its appeal to LGBTQ teens seeking romantic or sexual relationships makes it particularly compelling.

In order to use Snapchat, one must create an account using a valid email address and password. After setting up their account, they can start adding friends and exchanging snaps. It is recommended to select a username which reflects both their personality and interests while remaining easy for their audience to remember. Furthermore, offensive language or imagery should be avoided as this could result in the account being terminated by Snapchat.

PinkNews, the company’s new channel dedicated to LGBT stories in Discover feed, will update twice each week with thought-provoking articles such as that of an American gay man who survived conversion therapy. It aims to appeal to younger audience who are exploring boundaries in terms of sexuality; replacing its previous mid-Atlantic content that focused on gay rights in UK and US.

Tyler Posey recently sent shockwaves through social media after appearing to make an announcement of sexual orientation via Snapchat video. While Tyler later clarified his statement, many fans took issue with his efforts at trivializing an experience as powerful and emotionally charged as coming out as gay.