Interracial Teens Tubes

Interracial Teens Tubes

As soon as a white girl from an upper-class family moves into Harlem’s black projects, she meets a hustler offering both sexual services and money; accepting his offer, she becomes one of Harlem’s elite hood sluts.

An angry African-American LAPD officer will do whatever is necessary to displace the interracial couple that recently moved in next door.

Even though marriages between whites and Asians have increased 400% in just 30 years, there remains considerable prejudice against interracial dating and marriage. Teens especially report feeling discouraged from dating outside their race by their parents; tune into Anderson Cooper 360deg this week to discover surprising results of a new study regarding children and interracial dating!

Alongside depicting the detrimental impact that racism can have on young people, this film also emphasizes its positive effect on interracial relationships and their offspring. Recent studies indicate that multiracial children tend to have higher self-esteem and feel more at home with themselves than their mono-racially raised peers.

This film serves as a call to action for us all to bring communities together in celebration of America’s diversity. We can start by informing friends and neighbors about the advantages of interracial dating and marriage – keeping in mind that relationships should focus on individuals rather than race or heritage.