Kittyteen (Korean Drama XO)


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XO, Kittyteen is an eye-catching Korean drama aimed at teenage viewers that boasts an entertaining mix of coming-of-age antics and love triangles. Additionally, this series is groundbreaking in that it presents various Korean diaspora communities worldwide without falling prey to stereotypes or becoming irrelevant over time.

Kittyteen opens with 16-year-old American Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) embarking from Portland to Seoul and enrolling at KISS (Korean Independent School for Studies), her late mother’s alma mater as well as Dae’s current school. Full of optimism, Kitty quickly realizes that not everyone shares her same goals or timeline.

Kitten often dresses up as female versions of various Teen Titans enemies and claims they are her daughters during her time at KISS, as a play on Duela Dent’s antics in confusing Robin by pretending she was their offspring. This antic was popular during Duela Dent’s days as an occasional villain who would fool Robin by acting as though she were his offspring from among Joker’s criminal circle.