Maikoteens Review


Maiko were apprentice Geisha in old Japan who would go from serving tea to entertaining guests by learning music, dance and song performance arts. Young Japanese girls still considered teens by pornographers are called Maikoteens despite maintaining youthful features; Maikoteens offers videos featuring these younger ladies showing off their sexual side in different kinky ways.

Maikoteens offers uncensored Japanese hardcore films straight from Japan, without lengthy 10 minute interviews that may put off purists and, without subtitles, non-Japanese speaking individuals may become distracted with elocution lessons before the action starts.

Maikoteens has created an incredible archive that caters to an impressive array of fetishes and fantasies, from big tits, shaving or hairy, facial or creampie ejaculations, finger use or full body orgies; Maiko teens have you covered and with plenty of attitude!

Maikoteens offers an easy to navigate site design and a collection of HD videos that will keep you satisfied for quite some time. Membership to Maiko MILFs and Creampies makes Maikoteens even more satisfying, providing even more videos for viewers to view on Maiko Teens.