Naked Jr Teens

As adults, we understand the stressors and variables facing teenagers today are greater than ever before. They must contend with hormones, body image issues and the general confusion that characterises adolescence; not to mention culture that sees their bodies as offensive; plus sex and drugs plus sexual assaults, heroin addiction and suicide can be witnessed among their peers – no wonder some resort to self-mutilation in order to cope with these factors.

Rue has fallen back into drug use following her car accident; Jules is an ambitious student with self-hatred tendencies who regularly hooks up with older men at seedy hotels (which often turns sexual). Furthermore, one character has been sexually assaulted by an ex-partner; another attempts suicide when her nude photos are passed along without consent.

However, this film displays empathy as well as recognition that some sexting situations may not be consensual. Multiple characters admit being disciplined by their parents or school for sending nude pictures – including one teen who attempted suicide after her school discovered she sent another student a naked photo.

There’s no question that the show is explicit, featuring 40 swearwords and eight profanities in dialogue, yet there is also an underlying sense that its characters are grappling with issues they are powerless over.