Naturism Teens

Naturism Teens

Teen Naturism

Children who grow up in nudist families learn to value themselves and become more accepting of themselves through experiencing nature first-hand, while also developing closer bonds between themselves, family members and nature.

But raising nudist kids can be challenging. Some may worry that nudist kids may be bullied because of how different they appear from their peers; although this can be avoided to some extent; kids have been victimized due to wearing glasses, having different hair colours or being members of minority ethnic groups in addition to wearing clothes with visible skin. They could become targets if their parents treat the situation as completely normal and treat any potential bullying as something to ignore or talk about openly.

Another worry among some naturists is that teenaged members will lose interest in naturism as they age. I understand it can be challenging to attract youth into our club, but I have seen teens attending events such as volleyball weekends. Additionally, some may move away from this lifestyle when attending school or engaging with other commitments but most often will return in due time.

Parents with concerns about their teenager’s participation in naturism should speak openly with them and listen. By doing this, there will be a greater chance that both parties involved can find an optimal balance for both of you and that can create an enjoyable, healthful, positive naturism experience for everyone involved.