Nn Teen Pic and Take It Down

Nn Teen Pic is an independent, nonprofit news organization focused on covering media-driven sexually explicit content and its effects on youth, parents, and society at large. Our mission is to offer a safe space where conversations on these matters may happen in an open manner.

Kiona Osowski began her Grade 12 research project by exploring why boys feel entitled to ask girls for nude photos, while female students feel compelled to send them. Based on her investigations, she believes this phenomenon stems from media messages and digital tools interacting together.

This episode highlights how easy it is for anyone with intimate images of teens to use them to threaten them with additional images, sexual contact or money – a practice known as sextortion. Furthermore, it demonstrates how adolescents remain closely networked even while away from school on holidays or Covid-19 and don’t view such behavior as harassment.

Meta is working with NCMEC to expand Take It Down, a free online tool created to assist teens and their families to prevent intimate photos from spreading online.