Nonnudeteens and Sexting

Nonnudeteens is a term used to refer to certain online communities that focus on underage teenagers. Such communities typically shun explicit nudity in favor of sexually suggestive images intended to trigger emotions – known as implied nudity. Underage modeling websites in the US that use implied nudity are especially prevalent and feature models who pose for photographs taken inside their own homes or off limits areas and sold as products such as DVDs or downloads for male customers.

Recent surveys conducted in the US indicate that one percent of adolescents 10-17 reported engaging in explicit nudity when sharing photos online, commonly known as sexting. Sexting is becoming an increasing problem among US teenagers.

Both Gibson and Gauntley agree that changes must be made to how law addresses this type of image sharing. “Sexting laws don’t quite account for teenaged kids getting caught in it,” according to Gibson. She would like a criminal offense created specifically against sharing intimate photos non-consensually between adults and adolescents.

The Times reviewed records from Florida Attorney General’s office that reveal a man believed to be involved with operating an allegedly nude dating website, though this individual failed to respond to calls and e-mails seeking comment from The Times.