Nude Local Teens: Should Brattleboro Ban Nude Local Teens?

Nudity hasn’t always been on display in this bohemian southern Vermont town, but recently it has surfaced in public spaces like parking lots and bookstores. These displays have ignited discussion as to whether Brattleboro should ban what has previously been tolerated within its boundaries. Police Chief John Martin states it pushes limits by being not only nude but naked on streets – “it’s clearly pushing limits”.

Parents and police departments across the nation are working to address a growing trend: teens sharing explicit images online of themselves – such as photos or videos that feature their bodies, friends, classmates or school mates. This practice is known as “sexting,” and can take many forms such as texting or posting photos to Instagram.

Teens who share nude images can sometimes be adversely affected in other ways as well. In March 2022, for instance, a Chelan woman and daughter were charged with felony exploitation of a minor after leafleting Eastmont Junior High School with nude photographs of one of the girl’s rivals from Eastmont Junior High School.

Sexting has evolved over time into another potentially harmful form: Fake photos or videos which appear remarkably real; technology makes this possible is becoming more pervasive, thus necessitating early protective conversations between parents and children about its risks, including sharing nudes and explicit images online. An excellent way to initiate these talks would be using real life examples from either media, community sources or eSafety resources; discussing your child’s friends as well as how their decisions affect others is also effective.