Nude Teenage Actresses

Nude Teenage Actresses

Every actress needs to embrace nudity at some point during her career; some young actresses may find this difficult, which can create additional issues later.

Amanda Seyfried has spoken openly about the pressure to play sexual roles as a teenager. After starting on soaps before becoming one of the leads in Mean Girls in spring 2004 and booking movies including R-rated ones.

Many movies from 1980, like the timeless The Blue Lagoon, featured underage actors. For instance, Brooke Shields who was 14 at the time was featured prominently as one of two teenage lovers stranded on an isolated tropical island (though she later testified during a U.S. Congressional inquiry that older body doubles were used).

Keira Knightley has had to contend with nude scene pressure since she was 15 years old when her controversial Vanity Fair cover shoot and release of Atonement were taking place (2007). She also spent much of the summer of 2000 filming The Hole (her first nude scene at 15).

Some actresses find a nude shoot humiliating while others believe it cheapens them as actors. From family obligations to feeling forced into doing naked scenes for their career survival, making the decision to bare can be emotionally wrenching; yet talent managers say it is an integral part of being an actress today.