Nude Tiktok Teens

Tiktok, an app allowing users to upload 15-second videos directly onto its platform, can contain content that may be disturbing for some viewers and have even led some into legal trouble for violating NSFW content standards. While for some teens the app serves as an avenue for self-expression and friendship development, for others it may have detrimental effects on mental health or self-image.

Tiktok provides community guidelines against nudity, sexually explicit content and offensive language that include nudity. Unfortunately, several of the sites listed here use methods like tagging their videos with euphemisms or internet slang to bypass algorithmic moderation and take advantage of age verification processes that use false self-reported dates of birth to determine whether users are 18 or over.

One of the more popular subreddits, r/TikTokCringe, features an assortment of inappropriate TikTok videos created by young girls. These videos usually depict them running around Dick’s Sporting Goods stores shoving slips of paper into pants, shorts and underwear in an attempt to attract a guy.

Becoming immersed in this culture can be dangerous for teen girls still developing their identities. At Newport Academy, a treatment center for eating disorders, they have noticed an upsurge of girls coming in with symptoms related to Tiktok videos. “They’re posting nude photos and sexually explicit material, which can lead to body dysmorphia and self-harm,” states Crystal Burwell, Director of Outpatient Services with this organization. Burwell advises parents to monitor their children’s TikTok accounts closely. These websites feature videos featuring young girls engaging in inappropriate behavior such as lip-syncing Cardi B in swimsuits or exposing their jugs, touching their pussies or jamming vegetables into their dildos. In addition to such contentious material, such as that found herein.