Prisonteens Videos

After an exciting night out, this young lady was seen joyfully dancing inside her jail cell before looking playfully into the camera, smiling and tease-ing it playfully.

This video, shot on an illegally brought in cell phone, offers an inside glimpse into life behind bars. France 24 interviewed women from across the United States – Sarah Zarba had spent time in prison; Ayana Thomas has been jailed twice; Kyndia Riley’s parents have both been serving long federal sentences since she was 2; all detailed how difficult it is to maintain contact with family, access education programs or find basic supplies such as toilet paper or shoes.

1090 Jake has attracted thousands of subscribers with his candid views of prison life on YouTube. His tales of gang wars and gladiator-esque violence kept viewers engaged on his channel End Of Sentence. Now raising money via Patreon to fund further video productions he is also covering major criminal cases within Hip Hop culture.