Private Teen Twerk is Under Investigation by Russian Authorities

Dance classes provide teens an outlet to express themselves creatively, yet some moves don’t sit well with parents – such as twerking. Miley Cyrus popularized this move that has caused 33 high school students to be suspended in San Diego; additionally, Russian authorities are currently investigating a dance studio that taught twerk. Even though all the girls featured were aged 13-14.

Kaylee Timonet of Livingston Parish School in Louisiana lost both her Student Government Association President role and scholarship endorsement as a result of a social media post showing her “twerking” at a homecoming after-party her mother was chaperoning. On September 30th the party took place.

Twerk is a form of dance in which buttocks are thrust forward, knees are pulled back, and legs moved side to side. Generally performed to hip-hop or pop music with hips moving in sync with its beat.

YouTube uploaded a video showing four girls dressed in short skirts and thigh-high socks that show their tiny booties dancing provocatively onstage, often getting down on all fours to hump the stage and perform twerks and other provocative dance moves.

Russian provincial prosecutors’ offices have initiated an investigation, ordering the dance studio attended by these girls to be closed until these probes have concluded. Furthermore, local governors have requested an evaluation of all cultural and performance arts classes across their city to make sure they’re suitable for teens.