Russian Eighteens Visit Davison

Russian Eighteens

Recently, Russian students visiting Davison and its surrounding communities met with civic leaders, schools and businesses to make introductions. The students are in grades 9 and 10, which aim to pass an exam known as Unified State Exam before moving onto college studies.

Mary and Lisa Pakina, both 18 years old, have been living in the United States for about one month now and plan to study at university level, but are also having lots of fun meeting American friends. They spend time with them, play sports together and watch American movies – while planning to apply for driver’s licenses as soon as they’re eligible.

Russian literature is famous for its romantic poetry written by Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy; their works, War and Peace among them. But, at the end of the 20th century some authors, such as Joseph Brodsky and Venedikt Yerofeyev from poetry as well as novelists Vasily Aksyonov and Eduard Limonov in fiction writing were punished due to anti-Soviet sentiments they held.

“Russian in 10 Minutes a Day” is an easy-to-use textbook designed specifically for beginners that employs multiple tools to aid learners. These include teaching vocabulary through Russian-English cognates and pre-made flashcards; its layered approach builds grammar skills as you expand vocabulary; it comes complete with native audio download; although more traditional textbooks might provide greater benefits. It may cost more, and might not suit those with more previous experience learning languages, but may make an ideal supplement to these options on this list.