Sixteen Nude

An Australian teenager, Ella Rose Corby, won a surfing competition to model for magazine Stab and was photographed naked for an article discussing female sexuality. Mike Jennings wrote in the accompanying article: “They’re moving around womanhood and they know it”; in comparison you should leer at 16-year-olds but not 14-year-olds as you would an adult woman.

After receiving widespread outrage over their publication of computer-generated nude images and pornographic videos featuring young people, the magazine issued an apology and cancelled future issues of the magazine – but this story also raises a larger issue: legality of computer-generated nude images and videos featuring young people. Though such material should not contain identifiable minors’ faces, such material has long circulated online; even deepfake software allows anyone to generate such images which are searchable through major social media websites.

A tween takes her revenge against her arrogant, bullying fourteen year old brother by convincing their mother to let him spend some time at their farm, which will certainly not be dull thanks to his female cousins who will make him pay with humiliating and embarrassing consequences that range from mild to sexy.