Snap Chat Nudes Teens

Snap Chat Nudes Teens

No Secret that Snapchat Is Popular with Teens

Snapchat has quickly become one of the most beloved apps among teenagers, yet many users may not realize its dangers as an application for private messaging and images that disappear after only minutes or seconds can still be stored by others and pose serious risks for children and adolescents. Anyone can easily save a snap onto their device which could have serious repercussions for safety.

Sexting, or the sending of sexually explicit photos or videos via Snapchat, has become an increasingly common trend. Sexts may range from subtle innuendos to full frontal nudes and videos of simulated sex acts; teens sometimes do it to explore sexuality further while other use it to impress friends or gain potential partners’ attention. Whatever their motivation may be for sexting online photos and videos can pose real threats; parents must talk with their kids about potential hazards associated with sharing such material online.

Snapchat may advertise its messages and photos being deleted within 10 seconds, but that isn’t exactly true. Saving Snaps on your phone or taking screenshots makes saving them easy – after which they could end up online where predators could use them to blackmail.

One parent wrote to Slate’s Care and Feeding advice column regarding their daughter who shared an indecent snapchat photo without asking first; although the girl didn’t see anything wrong with it. Her parent tried explaining why it would not be ethical to share someone’s nude image without their consent; but their daughter insisted it wasn’t an issue and did not expect their friend to be offended by such sharing.