Snapchat Teen Leaks Revealed

Snapchat Teen Leaks

Snapchat is a photo messaging app that lets users send explicit snaps that will self-destruct within seconds of being seen by their recipients, creating guilt free sexting experiences. But two weeks ago it was discovered that photos didn’t really disappear; they can actually be recovered using forensic software – creating what has come to be known as ‘The Snappening’, an enormously damaging hack which underscores how nothing on the internet truly remains private.

Snapchat has recently fallen victim to a massive database hack, with over 13GB of intercepted files being posted online by third-party application SnapSaved, which allowed users to save Snapchat images but abused this feature to intercept and store files without users being aware of its exploit. These intercepted Snapchat files have since been widely disseminated online – many with sexual themes while also including children photos.

Thankfully, the company has taken proactive steps to reduce further breaches by implementing updates and safeguards that will make it harder for minors to connect with strangers on its app. New search criteria will increase the threshold when minors appear in search results while accounts will be subject to a three-part strike system to ensure inappropriate content is immediately removed from accounts.

Family Center will allow parents of teens over 13 to keep an eye on their activity on Snapchat; however, Snapchat wants to ensure its user base doesn’t become alienated by providing these parents unfettered access to parental control features.