Snapchat Teens Leak Into 4chan

An enormous collection of Snapchat photos and videos have been posted online in an event known as “The Snappening”, prompting shock among users of chat forums like 4chan. According to reports, hackers accessed an independent client app called SnapSaved which reportedly saved files sent through Snapchat before storing a database for years – which then allowed hackers to gain entry. Once online, those files can no longer be secured from being altered further by being deleted manually from its server.

Uncertainties remain as to how many have been victimized, as well as whether this file will spread further than it already has. While the first leak garnered much media coverage and caused outrage among teens, this one appears to be garnering considerably less interest – possibly because images aren’t as explicit or because those affected don’t include celebrities that can demand justice from the press for any breaches in privacy they might experience.

Though those responsible for this latest leak were likely teenagers themselves, adults must educate their children about the hazards of social media use. Reminding children that content posted to the Internet does not vanish forever is important – even deleted Snapchat pictures can be recovered with forensic software or screenshots taken by friends if deleted accidentally; this lesson must also be reinforced at school since colleges and employers now examine social media profiles when accepting applicants; Snapchat recently announced they are adding parental controls which will keep kids safer when using its app.