Sofiteengirl MacDonald Could Be Fired For Posting Pornographic Content on Onlyfans

After being exposed to coronavirus, Sofiteengirl MacDonald turned to Onlyfans — an online platform where users can upload photos and videos for a monthly fee – for extra income. Popular among YouTubers, fitness trainers and models who need extra exposure. Unfortunately it does not accept viewers under 18 as per policy, though creators will need to submit both a selfie photo as well as ID proof of age before joining.

An elementary special education teaching assistant from Vancouver-area faces losing her job after posting explicit material to social media accounts. The school district is investigating, prompting ethical and moral inquiries to ensue.

Matthew Kootte of Vancouver labour law believes this issue to be particularly complex and that Coquitlam School District must determine if MacDonald violated their code of conduct – specifically if her actions interfered with reputation or operations – which will be an extremely challenging decision for them. It also raises the issue of occupational discrimination for sexual-related work which is common worldwide (in 2014 a Quebecois teacher was fired over softcore porn she made 45 years earlier).