Teen Dreams Ashley (Movie Review)

Ashley is an ambitious girl with great potential. At age 9, she completed college, became the youngest person ever to earn a doctorate, and is working at NASA in California – all while her overprotective mother fears she will turn out like his uncle was: becoming an alcoholic playboy.

She quickly moves in with her uncle and begins adapting to her new lifestyle, yet is unaware of how to perform the activities typical for an average teenager, such as applying makeup, ordering pizza and kissing guys. Furthermore, she doesn’t pursue romantic relationships because she understands their complexity; neither does she want any attachments in the form of relationships.

The show has its funny moments, but it can be hard to enjoy when its characters aren’t relatable and its jokes become repetitive compared to shows such as Young Sheldon or Mr. Young. Tad Cameron (Conor Husting) in particular can be particularly annoying; his exaggerated personality traits and stiff movements simply aren’t amusing to watch.

Ed Pilkington: You designed The Ashley Treatment in 2007 in order to stop your daughter from becoming an adult, delay puberty onset and remove breast buds. Do you still believe this was the appropriate course of action today?

AD, Ashley’s father, recently shared more details of their experience on Teen Mom. In particular, he discussed why his family decided to undergo treatment and the various ethical concerns that have surfaced throughout the season.