Teen Fuck Story

Teen Fuck Story is an anthology of stories detailing teenage sexual acts. These may involve initial sex experiences, senior prom quickies or tales of innocence lost during teenagehood.

An innocent teenage is drawn into a web of deceit and decadence by one of the most dangerous predators imaginable – her own father – leading to irrevocable chaos that changes her life forever.

Tina Carlson was doing her daily aerobics exercises on the floor of her living room wearing tight gray sweat-pants and a red tank top, leaving her firm stomach fully exposed. Once exhausted from exercising she laid back to relax. When Frank and Tommy arrived she knew her bosom would make for quite the show when Frank watched while Tommy cheered loudly for Tina’s exercise session.

Tina had already demonstrated her labia to them; now it was time for more. Leaning forward and spreading her legs apart so they touched, she reached down her fingers into her slick hole before spreading them apart before turning around to smile back at them and increase their confidence.

Three British teenage girls embark on an annual rites-of-passage holiday – drinking, clubbing and hooking up – intended to be their best summer ever. Directed by cinematographer Molly Manning Walker with stunning visuals and an irresistibly catchy soundtrack in what promises to be their ultimate summer. Their experience offers insight into sex consent issues as they navigate early adulthood pressures.