Teen Leaks Tumbler

Jennifer Forward-Hayter logged onto Tumblr from a dark wooden desk in the hall of her family’s farmhouse at 14 years old – it provided her with access to culture in a rural town without museums or galleries.

Stanley 1913 introduced its Quencher tumbler in 2022 to much acclaim among mom bloggers and TikTok reviewers (it has garnered nearly 2 billion views on that social media site). It features an ultra-durable flask designed to last decades with wide handles designed to fit comfortably in your hand, keeping drinks cold for hours on end while accommodating thick beverages like smoothies or thick beverages via optional straw attachment. Furthermore, this flask fits easily into cupholders found on cars and planes alike.

Even though its sturdy exterior may suggest otherwise, tumblers have their share of flaws. According to Health Canada in May, at least 43 Canadians had become ill from drinking from them and experienced symptoms including burning of the mouth, throat, and stomach when drinking from said tumblers containing chemical cleaning solutions trapped between their walls.

Since its recall by its manufacturer, a replacement tumbler free from chemicals has been issued as an official replacement. These new tumblers feature stainless-steel construction with double-wall vacuum insulation, screw-on lid and large straw opening; additionally it’s dishwasher safe – however this model still leaks more than those recommended in our tumbler guide and may be vulnerable to scratches and dents.