Teen Masturbation Stories – How to Deal With Your Teen’s Masturbation

Teen Masturbation Stories

Teen Masturbation Stories

At puberty, teenagers experience an extraordinary surge of hormones that can increase sexual drive to unprecedented levels. If this becomes overwhelming for them, masturbation may become necessary to satisfy that sex drive; as long as this activity takes place privately and doesn’t interfere with daily life it should remain safe and normal.

Your teenager needs to understand the importance of setting healthy boundaries across their life, especially if they have been sexually abused. Although they may initially resist, it’s essential that you remain firm yet supportive as this time. Sexting can also be discussed along with its benefits when keeping personal details private so as to prevent bullying or retaliation from taking place.

Masturbation should not be shamed or stigmatized – feelings are an essential component of human existence, and masturbating can help many individuals cope with those emotions in a healthy, productive manner.

When confronted by your teenager masturbating, it’s essential to control your reaction and remain impartial. Overreaction could reinforce their beliefs that masturbation is shameful or dirty; similarly, any hostile response could send the wrong signal about being supportive of their sexuality – leading to potential lasting issues down the road.

If you can explain calmly and gently that self-pleasure is acceptable as long as it takes place in a safe space and they have your support, they might open up more. Be sure to use humor throughout your conversation, while being patient as they find their voice on this issue.