Teen Nude Trade Discord

If your fantasies center around nudes and sexual content, this server could be just what you need! Offering plenty of NSFW content such as GIFs and movie clips from pornographies alike, as well as being open for discussion of members, it provides the perfect place for fulfilling those desires!

Voice chat app functionality enables members to chat, and its user base includes both women and men. Use this Discord server to share nude pictures and naughty videos with other members; even find photos and videos from Tik Tok influencers!

Discord has recently taken steps to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse material (CSAM) on its servers. As reported by NBC News, Discord plans to debut new models to analyze server and user metadata to detect child safety threats as well as detect patterns in CSAM distribution on its platform. Furthermore, Discord plans on working with tiplines to facilitate reporting more CSAM incidents.

Though these efforts may be successful in curbing harassment and abuse on YouTube, watchdogs and officials still believe more must be done to address them. Recently, one mother discovered her teenage daughter was using the popular video and chat app to communicate with a stranger who asked for nude photos within a group message for the high school marching band she attended.

A local police investigation is currently under way to ascertain who abducted, transported and sexually assaulted her.