Teen Sex Story

Teen Sex Story

Young girls experiencing their first period are eager to know as much about it as possible, yet can often end up learning much more than expected.

Jacie loves to provoke her stepdad with her foul language and short skirts, until one night when her behavior crosses a certain line and he decides she needs punishment – which leads to an intense struggle in bed that ends with both of them exhilarated from an excruciating spanking that becomes pure pleasure for both parties involved.

This adolescent handbook addresses relationships, friendships, sexuality, body image and anatomy for young adults in graphic novel form – it is essential reading material for every teen! This groundbreaking graphic novel represents the first comprehensive guide of its kind available today.

Teen Sex Story does not intentionally seek to be pornographic; however, some readers have taken issue with its hand-drawn illustrations which border on them. There is an emphasis on safe sexting while there is an alarming downplaying of any adverse consequences from engaging in sexual activity as teens do so.

Teen Sex Story stands apart from many YA novels in that it doesn’t focus solely on the positive aspects of sex and sexuality; rather, it focuses on its negative consequences like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. This message has proliferated into stories like After by Amy Efaw and Anne-Laure Bondoux’s Life As It Comes which teach girls they must abandon their goals once pregnant.