Teen Titans Doujin

If you read comic books, chances are you’ve encountered these characters. Now they’ve been given new life in Teen Titans Go!, an animated series which offers more comedic renditions. In line with its chibi style cartoon aesthetic, their designs have also been revised accordingly.

At first, when DC introduced these revamped Teen Titans, they were one of their most captivating young heroes. Writer Marv Wolfman and up-and-coming artist/co-plotter George Perez created an explosive series which quickly eclipsed Marvel’s rising X-Men sales figures while cementing these characters’ places within DC Universe lore.

They fought against villains such as interdimensional kidnappers, fashion disaster Mad Mod and robotic killer Honey Bun, while engaging in rivalries with characters such as telepathic double Raven, intergalactic witch Zatara and psychic redhead Lilith. For a brief time period they even gave up their costumes as penance for being accused of murder.

Wolfman and Perez distinguish this run of Teen Titans by delving deeply into each character’s personal struggles, rather than simply fighting bad guys. As the characters mature as team-members together on their journey together as superheroes – especially less familiar ones such as Changeling, Starfire and Cyborg – their bonds only strengthened further over time.