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Teen Titans Go R34

Rule 34: If It Exists, There Is Porn of It

Any content which falls into the realm of NSFW content is acceptable here as long as it adheres to the Internet adage “if it exists, there’s porn of it.” This subreddit strives to showcase high quality Rule 34 art ranging from performance art through sketches, parodies and bent burlesque.

Teen Titans Go R34, an animated show on Cartoon Network that makes DC’s junior superheroes into iconic icons of kiddified kitsch, is a semi-Spin-Off from 2003 series New Teen Titans shorts which preceded it and uses their main cast members from both. Director Peter Rida Michail and showrunners Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic treat meta japery like just another aspect of their show’s schtick; this week Beast Boy is receiving some TTG love as he visits Doom Patrol.