Teenangel04 (Movie Review)


Teenangel04 Young and sometimes immature, yet always loving and supportive of her house family, Angel is an ambitious young woman looking for love and success in a world that has repeatedly rejected her. Following an escort night at Piers, Blanca Rodriguez motivates Angel to pursue modeling as a career option; after which Miss Ford’s agency hires Angel as one of its clients; in turn establishing romantic ties between herself and Lil Papi Evangelista as romantic partners.

At Miss Ford’s photo shoot, she meets Andre Taglioni who claims that he saw her at Pier and offers to professionally shoot images of her. Although accepting, she remains wary as during their session he forces her to undress and fondle for him even though she refused payment; later that evening she confides this information to her house Mother and siblings; these individuals in turn attacked Andre Taglioni while collecting their negatives/polaroids for Miss Ford.

Angel and Papi begin as siblings early on, often bickering but with strong feelings of love between them. He strongly backs her decision to enter modeling, becoming romantically involved as she advances her career path. They eventually marry and welcome a child together despite initial strains in their relationship; additionally, they maintain close ties to House Mother Blanca as well.