Teenasspics – Teens Can Take Control of Their Images and Remove Them From the Internet

Parents often hear that once it’s sent out there is no going back.” While pictures and videos of sexual nature can remain online for decades after being shared online, there is a tool available that allows teens to take control of their images by taking them off the internet – Take It Down from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is designed as a website that gives users an option to remove them themselves and is free for those currently and previously teens alike.

Teens using the app answer a few questions about themselves and select up to 10 of their images or videos for deletion from sites participating in the program. After selecting these, the website adds digital fingerprints for these photos that should change (cropping or adding an emoji), prompting deletion. It also has a search function which enables teens to find images uploaded elsewhere that don’t take part.

Portnoy told WVLT in an interview that he has observed an upsurge in reports of teens online sending nudies to each other, prompting alarm. From there, it could become dangerous – leading to physical encounters where someone takes advantage of them financially or otherwise – so parents are encouraged to monitor their teens social media accounts to explore what could be found there.