Teenies Tubes – What to Do If Your Loved One Has an NG-Tube

Teenies Tubes

Teenies Tubes is one of those terrible TikTok films that attempts to be funny but fails miserably, creating an inexcusably cringeworthy spectacle with fake drag performances, terrible acting, and outrageous hairstyles that just makes one cringe. So bad was its reception that Teenies Tubes has already been banished to TWABM Hall Of Shame.

If your loved one requires an NG-tube, they must understand its proper care. A nurse will teach them to periodically inspect its placement using pH paper or syringe to test for acidity (and sometimes x-ray), as well as flush the tube before and after eating or medications to prevent clogs.

Once home, your loved one must find an appropriate location to store supplies and access to an uncontaminated space for formula preparation. Your dietitian, nurse or homecare company will advise and arrange ongoing supplies before your discharge from hospital.

Based on the size of your loved one, different kinds of tubes may be necessary. Some come equipped with traditional tire valves which inflate easily with a bicycle pump or air compressor and remain filled in between uses; other models, like L.L.Bean Sonic Snow Tubes are designed with hard bottoms to minimize drag while traveling faster.

The Tube Pro snow tube offers similar design, yet when considering shipping costs it comes out costing roughly equal to that of L.L.Bean tube. This factor should be carefully considered, since carrying such heavy items uphill by hand may prove challenging.