Teens and Chi-Chi Marital Needs


Chi-Chi is an extremely caring housewife and mother to her sons Gohan and Goten. She takes care of all household duties, prepares all the food, raises them to have morals and respect while being very strict with them due to being raised secludedly on Fire Mountain; particularly protective of academic achievements and fighting. Chi-Chi was somewhat more permissive during the Buu Saga arc due to her sons’ recent successes in battle though.

An estimated 15 million teenagers married each year live in poverty and are more likely to drop out of school; additionally they face greater risks due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth that increase their chances of death. Each of these outcomes could be the result of various causes; legal interventions may only make marginal differences to outcomes in such instances.

Ordinary least squares estimates of the relationship between age at first marriage and poverty can be highly sensitive to how data are aggregated, which we attempted to reduce by using both aggregated and individual-level data sets for our results. Auxiliary evidence suggested that any differences between individual- and grouped OLS estimates for early teen marriage may have been caused by measurement error rather than unobserved characteristics.