Teens Nude In Films About Teens

Teens Nude In Films

Over the past couple decades, nudity and explicit scenes in movies about teens have steadily been increasing over time. Coupled with #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein scandals, this has caused parents to worry that their kids are watching too many such movies; furthermore, it sparked increased protections for underage actors who portray teenagers so it is now less likely that someone starring naked without parental supervision on set will appear onscreen.

Here are a few movies that illustrate this trend.

Ang Lee made headlines for this erotic film’s bold depiction of French arthouse starlet Anne Belanger and her brother in which the latter appears uncensored and offers unsimulated sexual scenes.

This teen sex comedy about two losers who meet and hook up after meeting at a rock concert doesn’t shy away from showing some skin for entertainment’s sake. And it all happens without shame.

This teenage sex fantasy film about a computer program that creates the ideal female companion is filled with plenty of sexual tension and nudity, and serves as a good platform to introduce actress Joey King to new audiences.

This cult classic about a group of girls trying to trap an ally from the Japanese army for assassination features some nudity that may not be as explicit, but still hits that tease-y mark.