The Art Of Zoo Teen

Zoo Teen is an engaging, heartwarming Irish period movie about kids and an elephant during World War II. The movie addresses issues like bullying, family values and how families cope when loved ones go off to war – as well as caring for each other without prejudging people based on appearance. A moving yet heartwarming tale about an obscure event from history which will appeal to viewers of all ages; especially those interested in animals and/or World War II movies. Suitable for audiences 8 years or over.

At an idyllic zoo hidden deep within Northern Ireland’s lush green forests lies a young boy eager to help his veterinarian father at their local zoo. But when bombs explode at the zoo and orders come down to shoot any potentially harmful objects or individuals within, Tom must find his courage and save everyone within.

This career exploration camp for teens will give them an understanding of all the jobs that keep a Zoo running – from veterinarian technicians to conservation researchers – while showing them what amazing careers animal lovers may pursue!