Thirteen Ghosts Nude

Thirteen Ghosts Nude is an insane monster mash that takes the basic concept from its 1960 predecessor and expands upon it, adding over-the-top gore and nudity. Aimed at fans of quality special effects work, crazy character designs, and creative death scenes; it offers plenty of entertainment value!

Beginning the film is Arthur Kriticos (Matthew Lillard) inheriting his uncle Cyrus’ mansion from whom they receive 13 ghostly spirits that plague it.

Most ghosts aren’t friendly. Each has their own backstories that are revealed through a featurette found with the DVD. Some appear decapitated or missing portions of their head; others have stakes inserted; one man in particular had what appeared to be vomit covering his face! One of the more frightening ghosts featured was one with multiple puncture wounds from bullets.

Other characters remain more or less neutral, such as The Withered Lover who acts more as a prankster than an aggressor; Dirty Mother uses her axe as an effective weapon; The Angry Princess does not make herself an enemy, yet still uses cruel techniques against Kathy; such as trapping her in her basement with ropes around her arms for control.

Other ghosts in the story include Black Zodiac, Horace Mahoney and a pilgrim woman still bound up in stocks. Shawne Wyler plays Shawne Wyler as The Jackal: this fearsome figure with its yellow eyes and lethal fangs makes an unforgettable appearance in The Phantom Tollbooth.