TikTok Introduces 60-Minute Screen Time Limit For Teens Under 18

TikTok will soon introduce an automatic 60-minute time limit for teens under 18 years old starting soon, starting in the upcoming weeks. Once kids reach screen time limits they will be required to enter a passcode before viewing more videos on TikTok – as its parent company ByteDance comes under increasing scrutiny over how it manages users’ data.

Teens Scroller is a new documentary film that examines how compulsive scrolling on social media can contribute to depression, anxiety and addiction among teenagers. The documentary highlights several young people’s stories who have struggled with online addiction before detailing how they have managed to overcome it.

Most of the teenagers featured in the film come from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, yet all experience similar struggles. Each has found ways to put their lives back on track by following their passions, taking steps toward their goals, and using smartphones less frequently.

Parents, teachers and care providers need to monitor the screen time and social media use of teens during high-stress times like the coronavirus pandemic. Limiting how long teens spend online may also help; conversation about its effect on mental health should take place between parent, teachers and care providers; encourage direct socialization rather than texting which may result in miscommunication and hurt feelings.