Brd Teens – Helping Your Pre-Teens Cope With Divorce

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Your pre-teen may become overwhelmed with intense feelings such as anger and resentment during parental divorce, which may manifest themselves in violent interactions with siblings, schoolmates, or in verbal attacks against either of their parents. Furthermore, these negative emotions could manifest themselves through behavioral issues like skipping school or even theft.

Your pre-teens need your support and guidance during this difficult stage in their development. A balance of direct communication, negotiation which acknowledges their needs while setting reasonable boundaries, and respecting their increasing independence is key in helping them adapt to new circumstances. Encourage them to attend school functions, performances, or athletic events as this demonstrates your concern and gives them a sense of belongingness.

Avoid engaging your pre-teens directly in parental conflicts to prevent guilt, disloyalty and fear being felt by them directly as this could erode their self-esteem and leave them believing they have no power over the situation they find themselves in. The effects can be serious and long lasting.