Cute Teens Naked Pics – Mothers Call For Prosecution

Cute Teens Naked Pics

Parents in a small town in south-western Spain have expressed shock and distress after fake nude images of their daughters generated with an artificial intelligence app have been circulated among teenagers in WhatsApp groups. Parents are demanding prosecution of any minors involved. A prosecutor’s office stated it will study a 200-page police dossier to assess if they can be charged with crimes; should that occur they could be subjected to at least two years in juvenille prison and could also be forced to undergo rehabilitation programs.

Police reports allege that photos of young girls taken from Instagram accounts and altered with an AI app to make them look naked have caused emotional trauma for both their mothers and daughters, some even reporting sexual and emotional abuse as a result of seeing such images.

Pilar Porron reported to Canal Extremadura that her daughter was being blackmailed by a boy using an altered image of herself as bait, while Fatima Gomez indicated her daughter showed them conversation with said boy asking for money and threatening to send a doctored image if it did not pay up.