Drunk Teens Nude

Two Twin Cities men are accused of getting two teenage girls drunk, recording themselves having sexual contact with them and uploading the videos online, via social media and pornographic websites. The charges filed against these two individuals include one count of using a minor in a pornographic work and two counts of possessing child pornography; their victim reported this incident to police as consensual and believes she can prove this by showing them receipt of her statement from law enforcement officials.

Sexting, which refers to the practice of sending sexually explicit or nude photographs and videos electronically between cell phones or any media-sharing device such as computers or the Internet, has become an international trend due to the rising incidence of school sexting cases. Education campaigns aimed at teaching children about sexting have recently appeared to help combat it.

Even with the popularity of educational programs on sexting among teenagers, many parents remain uninformed of its prevalence and severity – leaving them unequipped to respond properly when their child falls victim.

Shelley Hennig joins Kyle Meredith to discuss her role as a sexy, nude government agent in Netflix’s Obliterated. Starring Nick Zano, C. Thomas Howell and Lori Petty among other characters; Hennig also discusses playing sex scenes and intimacy coordinators and choosing Dolly Parton for her action hero theme song for Consequence.