Gemmateen Onlyfans

Gemmateen Onlyfans is an online platform and app that enables content creators to monetise their influence by uploading photos, videos, and live streams behind a paywall for fans only to view for either monthly subscription fees or one-off tips. While primarily used by YouTubers, fitness trainers, models, sex workers also post images and videos showing themselves performing sexual acts in various sexual positions on OnlyFans.

Joining and creating profiles on OnlyFans are free, though if an account contains explicit material then onlyFans requires users to provide proof of age (a photo with ID is accepted as proof) so as to prevent underage users from accessing this type of material.

Some creators on the platform have reported making up to PS30,000 monthly, an impressive figure for teenagers who see this as an easy way to make money from home.

Realistically, many users are vulnerable and could become prey for predators or sex traffickers. Unaware that their content may be being used illegally for child pornography purposes or encouraging more children to become hooked on it, they could unwittingly promote child exploitation through child pornography or become victims themselves.

Some teenagers have even chosen to forego school in order to focus solely on their OnlyFans profiles in hopes of making money through them. We urge parents to discuss with their children the risks involved with such work in an open manner.