How Teen Facials Can Help Teens Prevent Acne


Teenagers differ from adults in that they often suffer from multiple skin-related issues that must be addressed, including clogged pores, excess oiliness and blackheads as well as acne breakouts. Regular skincare and facials can help teenagers avoid or minimize these concerns for a healthier complexion throughout adolescence.

Teenfacial is a facial treatment tailored specifically for teenagers’ needs. A licensed esthetician will customize this service according to specific teenage skin issues, which could involve exfoliation, extractions and creating a skincare regimen tailored specifically for them. The process starts by discussing current skincare routines used as well as any concerns the teenager might have with her esthetician.

Treatment typically begins with a deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation with steam, to loosen dead skin cells on the surface and soften pores for manual extractions. Once all pore are cleared out, teens may receive an invigorating and soothing mask designed to balance their natural oils and restore balance to their complexions.

Finally, an esthetician will perform an extraction session to clear away blemishes and reduce red bumps caused by clogged pores. Furthermore, as part of their facial, an esthetician will educate teens on proper skincare practices that can prevent future breakouts; including how they should use skincare products at home.