How to Deal With Nude Teen Leaks

Are You Tired of Leaks on Social Media? – Sharing nude pictures online can be an extremely scary experience – though a hacker or ex may have released them without consent. Know that while this may feel like your entire world has collapsed around you, this is not your fault and there is hope.

Surround yourself with people you trust. Even though it might feel awkward to admit it, reaching out to friends and family after an upsetting event can help restore a sense of stability to your life; which may be difficult when your nudes have been exposed.

Make sure to inform a trustworthy adult, teacher, counselor or police officer of what happened; they can offer guidance on what steps are needed next – including reporting those responsible to authorities.

Make sure that if there is any text messages or other evidence from those responsible for your nudes being released, that screenshots are taken so you can use this evidence against those responsible. Keep all evidence regarding who leaked your nudes because it will help establish who should face charges in court.

Grooming occurs when a sexual predator makes you believe they’re your friend before soliciting nude photos, sexual images, and videos of you engaging in sexy activities online – with the intention of then blackmailing or harming you by making these public.