How to Select Comics For Your Webtoon


Webteen magazine captures the range of emotions that define life for teens today – joys, fears, strengths and weaknesses; which may change from week to week or day-to-day. No publication can cover every facet of young life completely, yet Webteen has tried its hardest since its first issue on Sept 6, 1988 to do just that.

As a new user to Webtoon, you may be wondering how exactly to select comics that will engage with. To do this, browse or swipe down and look through the “Popular” category on either website or app; there you can find genres such as Drama, Fantasy and Action which might pique your interest. Once selected, simply scroll or swipe until one appeals to you!

Once you have chosen a series, you can read it for free on desktop, tablet and smartphone. In addition, limited number of ‘locked episodes’ may be purchased at an additional fee that goes directly to creators. When selecting comics to read for yourself or as gifts it’s always wise to select ones with catchy episode titles and summaries as these will attract more readers; similarly spelling errors in episode descriptions will turn readers off quickly.

One important consideration when creating a Webtoon is whether to make it as an Original or Canvas series. Originals receive payment every month while Canvas series must compete against them for readership and monetization opportunities. While it can be challenging, making your Webtoon the best possible is well worth your efforts!