Teenlift For Kids and Teens

Lifting weights is a fantastic way to build muscle mass for kids and adolescents, but it must be done correctly for maximum growth potential. Too much heavyweight training could strain bones or muscles still under development and stunt their growth; for best results, it’s recommended that kids 8 years and up work with an experienced youth coach and equipment designed specifically for youth development.

Teenlifting was founded 30 years ago by Sanja Malbasa Gosovic from Croatia as an innovative method of revitalization and improvement of health through muscle electrostimulation. Her technique, protected across Croatia, the EU, China, Switzerland, Great Britain and various countries within her immediate region, has now become a world-renowned franchise used by celebrities alike.

Teenlift is a Delta Sigma Theta Sorority initiative that empowers inner-city youth with an understanding of purpose and commitment in the communities where they reside. Participants learn to take care of both themselves physically and psychologically through this program.

Teenlift teaches life skills but also works to cultivate an “I can do” attitude and help young people believe in themselves and their abilities. Teenlift participants understand that with hard work and a positive outlook they can accomplish anything.

As well as physical health benefits, this program addresses many of the issues many young people are currently facing: job opportunities and nutrition being scarce as well as low self-esteem levels. “Teaching children to be confident and strong individuals is something they will carry throughout their lives,” according to Malbasa.