Live Me Teen Nude Should Be Regulated

Live Me Teen Nude

Parents observing their children using this popular app are horrified and are demanding greater regulation. They want the youngest user to be age 18+ and safeguards in place against exploitation or manipulation of children; some even demand the app be shut down entirely.

Live Me Teen Nude app allows users to stream themselves or interact with other live streamers. Its terms of service clearly outline its intended use by adults only and prohibit any sexually suggestive content; although thumbnail images suggestive in nature. Broadcasters can share their videos across social media networks and receive virtual gifts from viewers as rewards for their broadcasts.

Predators can use apps to coerce underage girls into engaging in sexually provocative acts in exchange for virtual currency or actual sex – this practice is known as grooming and can lead to pedophiles recording videos of young girls for sale as child porn.

A pedophile employed an app to coerce a 9-year-old girl into performing sexual acts on camera before threatening exposure of their content. He was later charged with inciting children to engage in sexual activity and breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

FOX 11 has seen multiple incidents of young girls being asked by predators on Live Me to strip, expose themselves, and dance provocatively at their request. According to Live Me, volunteers have been recruited in order to report such conduct while strict measures have been implemented against users who lie about their age.